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O Tannenbaum

#443: Trimming the Tree

Picking out the Christmas Tree

Andy and I went to the Weststadt this year to get our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

This year it will be just the two of us, so it had to be a humble, albeit special tree.

Although these trees are pre-cut, they come directly from the Odenwald.

Some still with a dusting of snow.

And others, like ours, with a little nest tucked deep inside the branches.

Which we didn’t discover until we returned home and began to trim the tree.

But I’ve always thought that finding a nest in your tree is good luck.

So, here’s to good omens, snowy trees, and warm Christmas cheer.

May you all find birds’ nests in your own trees, wherever you are this December.

Snowy Love from Heidelberg #1

Heidelberg is like a little snow village come to life in December… Perhaps the most quaint, cozy and quite comforting place you possibly imagine to while away the winter chill.

Zimt Sterne

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Brenner Family Christmas Sugar Cookies.

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