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Saturday at the Farmer’s Market

Though I intended to post this on Saturday, life took over and real live people with conversation and drinks and laughing and sighs took precedence over the virtual world of the computer.

This particular farmer’s market is neither robust, bulging with fecund edibles, promising the most luscious stews and fragrant roasts, nor is it sexy, with obscure and oddly shaped exotics from faraway countries and cultures.

But it is my farmer’s market.

Just steps from my apartment, it is familiar and reliable, like a favorite pair of jeans.

Most importantly, perhaps, it is reasonably priced. Such that I can fill a huge canvas sack to bursting for about €12.

This time of year, when the word brisk is hardly describes the feeling outside, the market is scarcely populated. By neither tourists nor locals. Some booths only show up to sell their wares during the summer.

So, I regret that I don’t have any photos of my favorite booth. The one I refer to fondly as ‘the meat lady.’ Even though it is really called Delikat Essen.

Unfortunately for me, she probably won’t return again until after we are gone.

But, in some way to give closure to this part of our lives and come to terms with the looming move, I felt a need to record this market.

Even if it is winter.

In London #2… Borough Market

As it was for all things in London last weekend…

It was incredibly cold at the Borough Market.

You can see it in the way all the vendors bundled up.

But that didn’t stop the masses from wandering down to see the bounty of wonderful foods on offer.

It was truly a delight to see…

And makes most other farmer’s markets look puny, by comparison.

I regret that I did not get back down to the section for meat and furry game, I’d passed earlier, camera at the ready. What with a coffee in hand, I was an arm too short.

Though any vegetarians viewing now will be pleased to hear that.

+ more Borough photos coming shortly!

spicy tofu lettuce cups

One afternoon last week, I found myself with all these freshly picked and washed mini romaine leaves…

And there is only one thing that really comes to mind when one is faced with a pile of mini romaine leaves…

Lettuce cups. Naturally.

We also had some leftover tofu sitting in the fridge, begging to be seasoned and fried…

I cobbled together a couple of recipes to combine my need for lettuce cups and friend tofu, and pretty much improvised the rest…

Like any authentic cuisine purist, I also threw in a smattering of any vaguely Asian bottled sauces that I could find in my fridge…

Fish sauce? Of course! Oyster sauce? Why not? Chili sauce? Okey dokey. Soy sauce? Mirin? Sesame oil? Yes, yes, oh yes.

I did manage to avoid adding the Indian seasonings, however. Lest you think I am totally wacky in the kitchen. Come on.

And on top? Sesame seeds, bean sprouts, fresh mint and fresh coriander. Along with a couple handfuls of  cashews and peanuts. It did come out quite nicely, after all. The most fun was the assembly. Like using accessories to make a new outfit, we mixed and matched the various ingredients to create new tastes. As I said, fun. That, and eating with your hands. Which this dish required. Nothing makes food more enjoyable than eating it with your hands.

#349: giant asparagus

These are the largest, nay, the most humongous asparagus I’ve ever seen. Right?

#340: spargel season

#319: fresh california beets

#306: things that grow in dirt

Delicious root vegetables, all lined like toy soldiers.