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Scenes from LA #3

Scenes from LA

happy summer from la la land…







More to come!

Foie Farewell

Xanthie and Scott hosted a lovely farewell to foie just before the California ban took effect.

The weather was lovely and the foie even lovelier.

Of course, we started with cocktails.

X made a torchon. And as with all foie dishes, this took 3-4 days prep before the unveiling. But, my what a lovely unveiling it was.

She topped slices of foie gras with Muscato d’Asti gelee and served with brioche toasts, caramelized onions a swirl of balsamic creme and various salts.

Lucky, lucky us.

After our grand parting to foie was over, we mourned it’s loss with steak and sautéed tomatoes, salad, a cheese course, and finally a sabayon for dessert. It was a lovely fête and proper sendoff indeed.



Here and There #2

Summer in the city…


A salumi plate at Farina for brunch…


Balmy Street murals…


Matt in front of Wise Sons…


Lemon Pistachio doughnut on Dynamo’s back patio…


More murals…


Presidio view…


And a Baker Beach sunset to finish it off.

#502: SF, you’re pretty

Swan Oyster Depot

I had a lovely lunch date with my friend, Jordan, at Swan Oyster Depot today.

Despite having lived in the neighborhood for 9 years now, Jordan had never been to eat there. Until today.

It’s located on Polk Street, at the foot of Nob Hill–my old stomping grounds.

Even though it was 11:45 on a Tuesday, there was a long wait.  As usual.
They only seat about 20 people along the bar inside.

This place is an institution in the city. It’s a somewhat like Tadich, but smaller…and a bit scruffier. In a good way.

Our waiter, Tom, was a kick. Naturally, he’s part of the family that has been running the place since 1912.  He made our afternoon and our meal, that much more delightful.

Of course, we started with oysters.

Yes, they were as good as they look.

But we couldn’t stop there, and enjoyed both shrimp cocktail and clam chowder before giving into our full bellies.

Needless to say, I will be back.

After all, it’s one of my favorite places in town.
If you haven’t been…do I even need to say it?  Just go.

Scenes from 709A… #3