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A Giant Celebration

After the Giants won the world series. Again. On Sunday night…we took to the streets like proper San Franciscans so we could dance, take turns wearing a giant panda head, posture, pose, laugh, share a bottle of jack, collect high fives from strangers, and celebrate with our fellow city-dwelling fans. We saw a lot of love and high spirits…but not any vandalism or major destruction. Yes there were some fires in the street, but they were contained and police were plentiful.

Here are some iPhone snaps from the evening…






That Historic Game One

Andy and I were some of the luckiest individuals in baseball fandom to attend the historic Game One of the 2012 World Series where the Giants beat the stripes off the Tigers 8-3. I took turns shooting with my Nikon and my iPhone, listening to the radio, donning a panda hat, clapping, singing, dancing, and mostly whooping, hollering and chanting for my boys. Seeing those homeruns by Panda was unreal. I remember feeling incredulous after he hit the first one…and then he kept going. Just wow. Lincecum threw flawlessly, coming in to relieve Zito, who also pitched beautifully. There were Cy Young winners all over the place. And for the crowd at AT&T–fired up for another world series birth, fired up to be at home for the opener and relishing the lovely indian summer weather that is classically SF–it was a total party.




#552: The Pitch

Matt Cain on the mound.




Root Beer Float Love

Scenes of summer…

Lauren and I recently enjoyed a luscious root beer float at Straw.

Foie Farewell

Xanthie and Scott hosted a lovely farewell to foie just before the California ban took effect.

The weather was lovely and the foie even lovelier.

Of course, we started with cocktails.

X made a torchon. And as with all foie dishes, this took 3-4 days prep before the unveiling. But, my what a lovely unveiling it was.

She topped slices of foie gras with Muscato d’Asti gelee and served with brioche toasts, caramelized onions a swirl of balsamic creme and various salts.

Lucky, lucky us.

After our grand parting to foie was over, we mourned it’s loss with steak and sautéed tomatoes, salad, a cheese course, and finally a sabayon for dessert. It was a lovely fête and proper sendoff indeed.



Here and There #2

Summer in the city…


A salumi plate at Farina for brunch…


Balmy Street murals…


Matt in front of Wise Sons…


Lemon Pistachio doughnut on Dynamo’s back patio…


More murals…


Presidio view…


And a Baker Beach sunset to finish it off.

Memorial Day in the Presidio