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That Historic Game One

Andy and I were some of the luckiest individuals in baseball fandom to attend the historic Game One of the 2012 World Series where the Giants beat the stripes off the Tigers 8-3. I took turns shooting with my Nikon and my iPhone, listening to the radio, donning a panda hat, clapping, singing, dancing, and mostly whooping, hollering and chanting for my boys. Seeing those homeruns by Panda was unreal. I remember feeling incredulous after he hit the first one…and then he kept going. Just wow. Lincecum threw flawlessly, coming in to relieve Zito, who also pitched beautifully. There were Cy Young winners all over the place. And for the crowd at AT&T–fired up for another world series birth, fired up to be at home for the opener and relishing the lovely indian summer weather that is classically SF–it was a total party.





From skipping class in third grade to head to The Stick, to seeing them beat the Phillies just two weeks ago at AT&T for NLCS game 4….I have been a San Francisco Giants fan my whole life. And it feels so good to finally say, we’ve done it!

My San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions!!!

To Timmy, Bumgarner, Cain and Sanchez, Posey, Huff and Pat, Torres and Sanchez, Renteria and Panda, Bochy and Righetti, Cody and Uribe, Zito, Lopez and Wilson, Schierholtz, Rowand and all the rest–you Deserve it boys! Every bit of it!

To Kruk and Kuip, Miller and Flemming–I listened to you at 4 in the morning from Germany, I listened to you call the final out in game 5 from Hawaii…thanks for calling the games so beautifully, and for the perfect Post-game Wraps.

For Orange October, Fear the Beard, the Freak, “Grab some pine, meat,” F$&k Yeah, and the Rally Thong…

To all you naysayers and sports writers with your East coast bias….there’s a new World Championship team in town, and it’s in San Francisco!

The torture is over. Our San Francisco Giants are World Champions.


#433: Extra! Extra!

#432: The Moment

All the torture was worth it, when the unlikely SF Giants–in another nail-biting, 1-run, torturous game–beat the Phillies to win the national league pennant last night!

And here we were the moment they did it!

You can see me, in my lucky knitted Giants beanie in the background, while my mom and sister hug in the second photo.

Wooooooo!!! Humm Baby, Giants! You deserve it! Now go beat those Rangers!

(photos curtesy of Jenece Guglielmo)