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Bedrooms & Baths

Hey there…check out my recent piece in Bedrooms & Baths magazine!  This will be on newsstands for three months, folks! And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Huge thanks once again to Jacqueline de Montravel at Beckett Media and of course, Lynn Goldfinger of Paris Hotel Boutique. What a lovely piece, ladies. We should all be proud!

The article features Lynn’s beautiful home and is all about Hotel Silver–with ideas on how to decorate with it, care for it, and enjoy it’s luster through the years.




Featured in Romantic Homes Magazine

It pleases me immensely to share with you the May 2012  issue of Romantic Homes magazine, which features my photography and Lynn’s tips for entertaining house guests

It’s incredibly satisfying to see your name published and in print! The article is even more beautiful than I expected, and the photos are gorgeously showcased. I can’t thank Lynn Goldfinger and Jacqueline deMontravel enough for the opportunity.

Doesn’t Lynn have lucky house guests? And, doesn’t that bed look cozy?