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#423: A Brooklyn Wedding

A Couple of Afternoons in Brooklyn

Since I spent the bulk of my time in Brooklyn photographing a wedding, I didn’t shoot too many pictures of the neighborhood with my iPhone.

But we did manage to…
Have beautiful weather… stay in a cool old brownstone… catch the Notre Dame game… enjoy croissants at Joyce Bakeshop, sushi at Blue Ribbon (it truly was), and toast with jam at Milk Bar… see some skywriting… watch a bit of the massive Labor Day West Indies Parade… eat some street cart soul food… and even lay in the grass in Prospect Park.

Next time I’m in NY, I hope to spend a bit more time in Brooklyn. It’s a nice place to be.

From the Lower East Side to Madison Square Park

Late Summer and Sweaty in NYC

It’s hot hot hot here in the big apple.

Mostly East Village

#413: Off to New York

We’re off to New York!

We’ve got two weddings to attend!
One of which, I’m photographing….a wedding in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. So congrats to Cassie and Jamie!  While there, I also have a photo shoot for a small jewelry company in Manhattan.  But, perhaps more importantly, before Brooklyn, we’ll be upstate in the Thousand Islands area to celebrate the wedding of Julie Brenner and Dave Finger.  Congrats to them as well!

I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have during this trip.  Try as I might, I may not  be able to post quite as often.  Though I hope to at least get some NY travelogues up, whenever I get the wifi.  We leave at about 5am tomorrow…so I’ve got to get to sleep.

But you can look forward to some sweet New York photos to come.

new york…travelogue #12

Waffle Truck in Park Slope Brooklyn…Liz at Brunch…