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foto a day #204.6

Perle und Kate.

foto a day #165


I can’t take credit for this photo; my mom took it. But I had to post one of my new nephew…and the newest little Borreson in the family. Doesn’t he look so sweet, so calm and so beautiful in his soft slumber? I feel calmer and more at peace just looking at this photo. I think we all need, once in a while, to look at a serene sleeping baby, to know that things really are all right in the world.

new york foto series, ii (independence day)

foto a day #59

Lufthansa Flight 454.

foto a day #57


what’s been going on…

In autumn, my favorite kind of weather is the bright, sunny, clear and very cold day that comes, like a beacon, after several days of dark drizzle. And today, is one of those beacon days. Early this morning when Andy awoke to go to work, it was so foggy, all I could see was white, out the window above the bed. But, by 10am the fog had burned off, leaving a hillside of scrawny trees losing their leaves and bright sunlight streaming in through the huge windows in our apartment. Days like these, the cats laze about with sleepy eyes on the balcony sunning themselves and keeping an eye on the birds in the courtyard. While I laze about inside, with a warm cup of coffee, listening to podcasts and creating (hopefully) or cleaning (inevitable).  

So, what has been going on?



Absentee Voting

Well, our absentee ballots arrived today! On the same day, too. Andy, who is voting in Indiana (yes, he WILL make a difference!) got a measly little yellow envelope with a scantron.

I, on the other hand, received a heavy, large white envelope with several oversize ballots inside, in about 16 different languages, from the SF dept. of elections.

A-voting I will go, a-voting I will go, hi-ho the derry-o a-voting I will go…