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foto a day #124

All the Gear.

foto a day #114

My New Toy.

foto a day #106

Tea, and a Little Creative Project.

foto a day #92.4

Hemmed. 20:48.
After pinning, sewing, re-pinning, re-sewing, and ripping out the seam twice…the jeans are now perfect.

foto a day #84.3

Stitching Up My Jeans, Part Two. With Cat (and Mouse).
Liesel loves sitting on the ironing board when I am working. I’ve given up trying to kick her off because she loves it so. Sitting high on her soft perch, watching the grey sky and the drizzle fall quietly on the garden outside.
Here you can see my sewn up jeans, a spool of denim thread, the hint of scissors, and of course die kleine Liesel.

foto a day #84.2

Stitching Up the Seat of My Jeans.
So I don’t look so trashy going to get Thai food random Sunday nights with Andy. Let’s hope it works.

foto a day #64.1

In the Golf Cart.