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Scenes from 709A… #3


Things I’ll Miss About Heidelberg… #1

Now that we’re officially moving back–tickets bought,
apartment relinquished– I’ve begun to think more seriously about
leaving all of this. There’s a lot that I’ll miss.

So…a list.

(And these are in no particular ranking of importance.)

Number One: Our Balcony

I think Miro and Liesel might miss it even more than me.

Happy Fall + Another Excursion

Autumn has arrived here in Heidelberg, one of the prettiest times of the year. All the leaves are changing into a kaleidoscope of purples, reds, oranges, yellows and greens on the hillside facing our apartment. My favorite kind of clothing–the warm coats, gloves, hats and wooly scarves–have all be dusted off and taken out of the closet. And I find myself wanting to make a hot kettle of tea, and snuggle up on the chair with a good book, a warm blanket and a purring cat.

I picked up a cute little gourd flower arrangement at the farmer’s market, as I walked back home. It is a gift for my neighbor, but before handing it off, I had to take a quick picture…

The cats were playing around the garden on the balcony while I was shooting…

Although I would love to stay and see Autumn turn to Winter, I must be off again.

This time, I’m heading to California for a couple of weeks, then onto Kona, Hawaii to celebrate the marriage of my beautiful sister, Jeni to her Andrew. Friends and relatives are coming from all over the world to enjoy their special day. Congratulations to Jeni & Andrew!

I’ll try to post as much as possible while I’m away (nearly a month) but I won’t have internet access all the time, nor my usual office setup.  So please forgive me if I’m not posting too regularly, but family time and maid-of-honor duties take precedence. ;)

Enjoy the changing of the seasons, wherever you may be this fall.


#427: Neu Bauhaus

We checked out the new Bauhaus today. It is a behemoth. Gleaming and Walmart-esque, it sits perched in a massive parking lot just one week old.
While there, we wandered into various bathroom setups and showers, shopped for wall hooks, and admired this selection of brightly colored garden hose coils.

#404: miroslav

bike ride + schwetzingen castle gardens

On Friday, Andy and I took our bikes to see the Schwetzingen Castle Gardens.

It was the first beautiful summer day we have had in a while…

And a perfect day to take a bike ride.

All in all we rode about 16 km. Maybe more, since we got turned around a bit.

We passed some nice, deserted roads along the way. And some pretty flowers.

Out in the middle, amongst the giant power lines, I started to feel like a ‘real German’ riding my bike from one town to the next.

We headed west from Heidelberg, and passed through Eppelheim, then Plankstadt, before finally getting into Schwetzingen.

By then, we were parched. So, right off the bat we sat down at a cafe and ordered a couple glasses of Riesling. Then headed over to the famous Schwetzingen Schloß to see the gardens.

They were impressive, indeed!

Especially for such a small town. It felt like a mini-Versailles.

This time of year, there are these little white puffs that float and swirl through the air, like snow. You can be driving, and they come straight at your windshield like bugs, or low fog, or snowflakes. But they’re not pollen, as you might think. Andy says cottonwood. Perhaps.  I have no idea about cottonwood, but I suspect it might look like this.  At any rate, I tried to capture the multitude of swirling bits of plant debris in the sky above. Of course, it didn’t come out in the photo. Too high, and too delicate with such frail edges to capture on camera. But I did manage to get the ducks with their butts both in the air.

There were lots of pretty fountains featuring cherubic boys and stoic bucks. It all felt very French.

We stopped for kaffee und kuchen at the cafe. Andy had kirsch & kasekuchen. I had apfel.

After which, we explored a bit more.  I liked this hole in the hedge.

There was a sad lion.

And some nice benches for resting.

In every direction we could see some exercise in symmetry. A pair of pink-legged ducks stood out amongst the green.

We said goodbye to the Schwetzingen gardens and stopped for a beer at a Mexican restaurant that looked promising.

Since we were seemingly in the land of Welde beer, I gave in and ordered one.

Before getting back on the bikes and pedaling all the way home.

#344: petals