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Snapshots from Berlin




A while back, our friends Kate and Bolte had a yard sale.

In Germany, they call this a flohmarkt.

They held it in the courtyard of their apartment building in the weststadt, here in Heidelberg.

Kate and Bolte are moving to London in a couple months…which makes me sad.

Nevertheless, they need to downsize.

They used to own a gallery and shop in town, the Bourgeois Pig. So, that, and the fact that they both have incredible taste–in music, in clothing, in art–made for a better-than-your-average flohmarkt.

And have a bunch of cool stuff to sell over the next few weeks. There was even a gramophone!

But alas, it is sold.

If you are in the Heidelberg area, you should stop by for the next one.  I’ll post the flyer here on my blog.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Brooklyn Flea has nothing on these two.

As you can see many friends came by, from far and near, babies in tow, not only to support and shop…

…but to hang out, catch up, and just enjoy the day.

It was such a lovely way to wile away the time.

And the weather was perfect.

Even Andy and I didn’t walk away empty-handed. No siree.

You’re looking at the chair I’m sitting on right this very minute.

.  .  .  .  .

And that minute is late. So I’ll head to bed.