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Snapshots from Copenhagen


#487: Lucerne

#467: How We Spent Last Easter

Switzerland #1

Last Easter, we traveled to the Jungfrau area of Switzerland to spend our four day weekend amongst the majestic Alps.

And since I never posted those photos…well here they are, one year later.

I wonder if it is once again the last ski weekend of the season, the gondolas crammed full of ski poles, goggles and boards. And I wonder if they will wake up to snow again in Lauterbrunnen on Sunday morning.

As is usual for all my travelogues, this is the first gallery in a series covering our time in Switzerland. More photos to come of Zurich, The Golden Pass Train Line, Lauterbrunnen, Lucerne, and many other views of die Schweiz.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Gent in Three Days… #3

Gent in Three Days… #1

Last Thursday, we headed off to Belgium for four days.  Since we’re moving back to San Francisco in a couple of months*, this was, quite sadly, one of our last little weekend sojourns.  The kind where you can hop on the train for a few hours and arrive at another country to visit and explore, then be back in your own bed by Sunday. Still feeling like you’ve tasted and seen and walked enough. Oh, Europe. We’ll miss you.


We arrived in Gent at dusk.

Well, “dusk” for Northern Europe in January, which means about 4pm.

After checking in at the Hotel Onderbergen, we wandered out and down toward the water…

And into a cool vintage clothing store…

Where I found a basic button down in the most sublime chartreuse color. Along with a lovely silk scarf that sort-of matched. Total cost? 7 euro. They had a ‘happy hour’ of sorts announced by the cute clerk as we walked in. Everything 50% off until 17:00.

(Sorry, I don’t have a pic of the shirt or scarf…perhaps in another post of some recent favorite things? We’ll see…)

After the vintage clothes, we crossed the street and, like moths to the flame, headed into a modern home goods store called Dille & Kamille.

Where we browsed and browsed and browsed. Eventually ending up with an assortment of little kitchen and bar accoutrement, all small enough to fit easily in our luggage for the return trip.

Except for the pizza peel which Andy plucked off the shelf with gusto. (Sorry, no pic of that either!)

As it got dark, we headed into the heart of the old city center to see not one, not two, but three beautifully lit medieval towers. Two churches and one belfry.

Belgium is known for it’s chocolate.

They even have chocolate clogs.

If, like us, you find yourself in Gent at night, do yourself a favor and get outside for an evening stroll. They’ve taken great care to light all the buildings, especially along the canals so the city really comes alive at this time. It is almost prettier by night than by day. In the next couple of posts, you’ll see what I mean.

It was rainy, so the cobblestones reflected the lights of the city, heightening the contrast and edges of the night.

*It’s true we are moving back to California at the end of February. For us, it will be a bittersweet parting to Heidelberg and Germany. And I’m sure you’ll hear more about it on this blog as our days here dwindle down. But that’s all I want to dwell on it for now.

lauterbrunnen, grütschalp, winteregg, mürren, birg & wengen… travelogue #21

Good morning Lauterbrunnen…On the gondola to Grütschalp…