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Bedrooms & Baths

Hey there…check out my recent piece in Bedrooms & Baths magazine!  This will be on newsstands for three months, folks! And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Huge thanks once again to Jacqueline de Montravel at Beckett Media and of course, Lynn Goldfinger of Paris Hotel Boutique. What a lovely piece, ladies. We should all be proud!

The article features Lynn’s beautiful home and is all about Hotel Silver–with ideas on how to decorate with it, care for it, and enjoy it’s luster through the years.




#548: Boudoir

Here’s a sneak peek at the stellar Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit that just opened at the de Young Museum…

Anchor & Hope

Anchor & Hope is a somewhat new restaurant in San Francisco with a really distinct, interesting interior.

It reminds me of the heirloom/industrial/steampunk aesthetic that is creeping up all over at hip places like the Ace Hotel.

I took a few pics while having lunch there with my mom, a few weeks ago.


around the haus…floor one

Here are some scenes around our apartment, at one sixty two hauptstraße in heidelberg…

I decided to make this a two or three part series, because it is hard to cover our space in one post. Especially, as I like to shoot many tight, detail shots along with those that wide angle ones that show a real sense of the space.

This apartment has changed….evolved, really…so much since we first moved in, almost three years ago. And that was about the last time I properly photographed it.

A few people who are close friends of ours (Jordan and Blake, I am talking to you) haven’t had the chance to see it in person.

They were curious.  So you, too, get a peek.


We have three floors in our apartment. The shots here show the family room, dining room and kitchen. In the next two around the haus posts, I’ll move upstairs to the second level, a loft that overlooks the downstairs. It’s where my workspace (affectionately known as the create room) and Andy’s music room are situated.

If you know me, and you know San Francisco, you might be able to tell that one of my design influences is the shop, Paxton Gate, in San Francisco.  That and, really, any creative idea that pops into my head at any given moment. Like those red branches coming out of the frame above.

It wasn’t until I looked at all of these photos as a collection until I noticed a kind of theme.  Can you spot it?

(Here’s a hint: it has to do with color and material)