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Foie Farewell

Xanthie and Scott hosted a lovely farewell to foie just before the California ban took effect.

The weather was lovely and the foie even lovelier.

Of course, we started with cocktails.

X made a torchon. And as with all foie dishes, this took 3-4 days prep before the unveiling. But, my what a lovely unveiling it was.

She topped slices of foie gras with Muscato d’Asti gelee and served with brioche toasts, caramelized onions a swirl of balsamic creme and various salts.

Lucky, lucky us.

After our grand parting to foie was over, we mourned it’s loss with steak and sautéed tomatoes, salad, a cheese course, and finally a sabayon for dessert. It was a lovely fête and proper sendoff indeed.



#508: Capturing a Moment

Can you see the sweat on their brows and the pride in their faces, after a long day cooking?

#507: Quick Cooking




Scenes from CIA Greystone: Cooking with Barilla, day 2


#504: Highlights from the Barilla Chef Event at the CIA

Just a little sneak peek at today’s chef event with Barilla at the CIA Greystone…

Honestly, I can’t complain about spending a day with these incredible, talented chefs in such lovely environs as this. I mean…could you?

I’ll be back up in St. Helena for the next two days as we continue the program. Stay tuned for more photos to come!


#468: Easter Monday


Happy Easter weekend!


Things I miss about Heidelberg… #9

The food.