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#528: Christmastime is Here


#526: Under the Mistletoe

Xanthie’s Sesame Cookies

Note the sparkly gold sesame seeds.





A Holiday Dinner Party in Heidelberg

Before everyone took off for the holidays, we had a lovely dinner party in the Altstadt…

Hosted by Justin and Basti, with a little help from Kylie.

All of our close friends were there, except for one very important individual…

Kate had been detained in London until Friday, when the snow and wintery weather nearly all the flights heading out…

Zouma was sad.

And try as we might, we could not get skype to connect to her that night.

So we toasted her in absentia.

And got on with the meal….including delicious “Rollbraten” which is a pork loin stuffed with dried fruits and roasted slowly.

As you can tell, the dinner was a formal event…

Bolte made Tiramisu for dessert…

Followed by a cheese course.

But we were all so full, we could barely partake.

A successful meal, indeed.

Thanks to our lovely hosts…Basti commanding ‘the back of the house,’ and Justin keeping things smooth in ‘the front of the house.’

And to Kylie, for flying out from California for a nice German Weihnachten.

To Bolte for his mouthwatering tiramisu…

To Zouma for her kisses

And, Kate, we missed you dearly!

#448: Mistletoe

Christmas Puzzle

Andy loves a good puzzle.

Being an Engineer and a Musician, he is quite good at them.

Which is why I am so pleased with myself, for getting him the wooden puzzle you see here.

In the spirit of Brenner family tradition, I gave this to him for Christmas. And he has been at it now for two days–even working on it now, as I write.  I purchased it at one of my favorite booths of the Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt–full of games, brain teasers and puzzles of all kinds.  In the sprit of German tradition, many of them are wooden, and made by hand.   At the booth, the woman telling me about all the puzzles, promised this one was “sehr, sehr schwierig” with 30 different pieces.

Perfect for Andy.

Merry Christmas!