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Snapshots from Berlin



cafe am literaturhaus foto series

berlin foto series, samstag

Vicktoria-Luise Platz…Winterfeldplatz Farmer’s Market…Schöneberg Cafe…Retro Chairs…T and Rainer in the U-Bahn…In Prenzlaurberg…Dolores Gourmet Burritos…Chips and Guac…Bohemia in Berlin!…Carnitas with Salsa Rojo…Duetsche Telecom Tower…Bicycle…Our Elevator…Dinner on the Terrace at Cafe Neu in the Mitte.

Website Updated! …but some (tiny) parts are still under construction

In good news:

I’ve updated my website with a new gallery from my trip to Berlin in August. Plus, there is a new home page and (bonus!) contact page.

In bad news:

Unfortunately, in the middle of fixing and tweaking about, I managed to screw up a couple of unretrievable files. So, there are a couple portions of my site that are temporarily down: the “Spaces” galleries and the “About” page. I should be back in full swing in a couple days, so please bear with me.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the beauty of Berlin, in all it’s graffitied glory, in my 100+ photo gallery! While there, ponder the more subdued, more rectilinear Porfolio page and bounce over to  the fun, colorful new Contact page. Tell me what you think of the new design.