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#472: Hello, Lovelies

Gifts from Germany.

Pizzetta 211

Andy and I are lucky enough to be living just blocks away from the tiniest and most delicious pizza place in SF.

Pizzetta 211. Named after the address.

This place is low key and does not put on any airs, despite having a reputation for (arguably) the best pizza in town.

Inside, there are only four small tables, plus three seats at the bar. And outside they can seat another 8 or so.  Usually there is a gathering of folks waiting for a table, since they do not take reservations. But since we live so close we can drop by for, say, lunch. On a Thursday. And sit down immediately.

The five or six pizza offerings change daily. Plus there is always one calzone, a special appetizer.

It is so, so good. And the crust is always perfect.

zum Klosterhof

Kloster in German is the word for monastery.

And like many klosters in Germany, this one is also quite lovely, quaint, and of course brews it’s own delicious beer.

Despite my better judgement, I ordered a piece of linzertorte and a beer.  Probably because I was leaving in a week, and strongly felt  it would be akin to committing blasphemy, were I to turn away any traditional German foods put in my path.

But I would soon regret this zany pairing.

No matter how hungry you might be, or how much you want to try the beer–linzertorte, or any kind of torte, will never ever go well with beer. Ever.

But it was a nice way to finish our walk.

The sun went down as we made our way back into the altstadt, and home.

Things I miss about Heidelberg… #9

The food.

Things I’ll Miss About Heidelberg… #4

The beer.

Particularly Rothaus Tannen Zäpfle.

I don’t even drink much Kölsch. In fact, I’m not sure why I included it in this lineup, because it is certainly not a Heidelberg thing. And this isn’t even a particularly good example of kölsch. The middle one you can’t read is called Altenmünster Brauer Bier, which is also very good and has one of those cool traditional ceramic stoppers. One I’ve left out (sorry Bolte) is called Jever and it is very good as well. And, it’s possible to get it in San Francisco. Soon, I’ll have to start liking it best.

But until that time, my first choice is Rothaus. It’s right up there with maultaschen. And it’s not just because it has a cool label. Which it does. But somehow, it has helped define the whole Heidelberg experience for me. In a way. This beer is what gets handed to me at my favorite bar, without even having to ask. It’s what seemingly everyone in town drinks. It’s owned by the state of Baden-Würrtemberg. It is the beer of choice at all the best cafes and bars in town. And it is, of course, totally delicious. If you’re fond of pilsner, you should give it a try. But, unfortunately you’ll have to visit Germany, since it’s not available in the US. Such a shame, too. But I suppose that’s part of what makes it so special.

Antwerp #2

Antwerp #1