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#433: Extra! Extra!

#432: The Moment

All the torture was worth it, when the unlikely SF Giants–in another nail-biting, 1-run, torturous game–beat the Phillies to win the national league pennant last night!

And here we were the moment they did it!

You can see me, in my lucky knitted Giants beanie in the background, while my mom and sister hug in the second photo.

Wooooooo!!! Humm Baby, Giants! You deserve it! Now go beat those Rangers!

(photos curtesy of Jenece Guglielmo)

#431: Humm Baby!

I got to see the Giants beat the Phillies in game four of the NLCS, in San Francisco tonight!
They won 6-5 in the bottom of the 9th after a torturous back-and-forth eight and 1/2 innings.
I took a ton more pictures, but had to post a couple tonight, will I’m still on this baseball high.
Go Giants!!! Beat the Phillies tomorrow and win that pennant!

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