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A Giant Celebration

After the Giants won the world series. Again. On Sunday night…we took to the streets like proper San Franciscans so we could dance, take turns wearing a giant panda head, posture, pose, laugh, share a bottle of jack, collect high fives from strangers, and celebrate with our fellow city-dwelling fans. We saw a lot of love and high spirits…but not any vandalism or major destruction. Yes there were some fires in the street, but they were contained and police were plentiful.

Here are some iPhone snaps from the evening…






Salute per Tutti: Bottling our Gap’s Crown Pinot Noir




#521: At the De Young with Jenn & Andy


Tree Climbing, Again

Tree-climbing on the Neckarwiese in Heidelberg, early June.

Ahh, summer.


Perle’s Dionysus Geburtstags-Party

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

At Comstock Saloon

For Andy’s Birthday dinner…

Fun with the Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant Camera.