Inspired by my German friend and baker extraordinaire, Caro, I just made the most amazing no-knead bread.

It started yesterday, when I mixed the flour, yeast, salt and water. Stirred a bit. Covered with a plate. Then let it sit.
The dough needs to rise at least 20 hours.  And it cooks in a cast iron dutch oven.

It’s so easy, but it comes out so beautifully!

And for all of you who are bound to ask, here is the recipe.
Thanks NYT!

Thanks Caro for telling me about the recipe, allowing me to taste your perfect loaf, and subsequently inspiring me to declare–at 3 in the morning–that I would go directly home and start making some of that delicious bread myself.

I actually did a little experiment and cooked only half of the dough, leaving the rest to rise for even longer. I think I’ll cook it later tonight, to have with our leftover stew. But I wonder if it will get better or not. Does more rising time always equal better flavor or a more beautiful crumb?

One thing about this bread that the photos can’t tell you…it sounded beautifully when I held it, and pressed gently in the bottom of the loaf. That perfect crackle that bread makers swear by.
Try it. I swear, it is as easy as making toast. The only thing you need is time. And homemade bread is always–always–worth it.

You’ll thank me.